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the result of my work is a
short and compelling,
filled with the event`s energy. 


There are many names for what I do: graphic facilitation, graphic recording, live scribing, etc. All of them usually mean the use of a combination of live hand-drawn graphics such as diagrams, symbols, and writing in order to lead people towards a goal during meetings, seminars, workshops and conferences.  It can be done physically on big sheets of paper, or digitally on an Ipad.

My Services


live scribing for presentations, lectures, conferences, etc.

Graphic Recording


live scribing for trainings, meetings, collaborative processes, etc.

Graphic Facilitation


visual `translation` of processes, strategies, ideas etc.

Visual Explainers


one day training for non-artists to use drawing as a communication tool

GraphicACY Training


It can work in GROUPS OF ANY SIZE – in small ones it makes people feel heard by having their ideas written down, while in big ones it can help establish a more intimate connection to the content.

ONLINE or IN PERSON, any meeting can benefit from a visual map of the information! It keeps participants focused and helps them navigate the information.

(I do both digital and physical graphic facilitation)

In an INTERACTIVE meetings, my work collects ideas and helps participants build on each other`s contributions. In one that involves PRESENTATIONS, it offers a visual summary that participants emotionally connect to, reflecting further on the subject and effortlessly remembering the content.

In any case, through the visual summary the main ideas may easily TRAVEL BEYOND the space and audience of the event!

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In a professional world filled with meetings of all sorts, GRAPHIC FACILITATION can be a breath of fresh air, bringing back the SPARK to your events.

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