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GraphicACY - drawing to communicate - training

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June 2023



Out of my passion for using drawing as a communication tool I developed GraphicACY, a training dedicated to non-artists in the graphic facilitation visual language. All my life (mostly before becoming a graphic facilitator) the fear of being "wrong" at drawing (and many other things) kept me away from meaningful and learning experiences. In the culture I was raised in, making mistakes was viewed as a bad thing, not a necessary step in learning. Therefore, I see all around me people that state plain and simple that they cannot draw or sing, and deny themselves this precious experience in life, not to talk about its usefulness. I deeply believe, firstly that to a certain point, any artistic technique can be learnt, and secondly, that visuals can enhance communication in any context. With this belief in mind, my own experience as a trainer and as a visual practitioner, this year I did 2 pilot editions of the GraphicACY training, one for adults and one for children. In both I focused on the playfulness drawing has to offer and on teaching basic elements that the participants can take home and start using, right away.

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