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Digital Graphic Recording

Project type

Digital Graphic Recording


October 2023

Three years after getting it I finally put my Ipad to work. This last year I used it heavily, for hours and hours to do illustration and visual explainers. This October, when the opportunity came by I felt ready to give digital live graphic recording a try. I was tough at first - I wasn`t able to raise my eyes from my screen for the whole time during the first event. But by the end I feel like I figured out some shortcuts and realised how easy some things can be achieved in digital compared to physical. Many participants came at the and to share their appreciation for the image I created and there was more than one person to ask whether I knew the content beforehand. And the fun thing is that this time I had nothing but the agenda! A few days later I was commissioned for a second event, this time in another city. Therefore I used the live streaming of the event as material for my work. Together with the organizers we decider to do split the content in 5 frames in order to make it easier to share on social media.

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