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Climate Fresk

Project type

Visual Facilitation





Here`s one super interesting project I had: I was commissioned to visually facilitate Climate Fresk ( workshops for middle-school children held by Clujul Sustenabil and EarthRISE. For this purpose I imagined and designed a way of interacting with the information that arose during the game that would enhance reflection and stimulate discussion. It worked like this: during the game I picked up information and reactions about it and captured it on speech bubble shaped papered. I put them on the main board, making connections between pieces of information. After the game, the participants could write comments or use reaction stickers (designed especially for this interaction) on others` comments. This mechanism contributed a lot to the debriefing of the exercise and introduced a new reflection loop in the workshop. Also, the participants felt empowered by seeing their thoughts written down and being able to add new comments and reactions on the board, in a similar way as they are used to on social media. The emotional reaction to the visuals was remarkable - the image of a penguin on the melting ice received the most reactions, proving once more what a powerful tool image is.

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